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Sandra Lee Fullerton

      My passion for painting started with Oil Painting Classes in High School.  The next 40 years were spent working in Administrative Positions for telephone companies, gas companies, and attorneys.  On Saturdays for 2 years, I took Oil Paintings lessons from Lois Nelson in Ivins. After retirement I took up golf.  I continued to golf for 20 years, until my back said, “no more”. 


      That’s when I started Painting Classes from Del Parsons at Dixie State University in St. George, Utah. I furthered my professional instruction for two years under the direction of Jodi McGregor who taught me the business of art, plus her priceless techniques of oil painting.  I still continue to take lessons from her whenever she is available.  I’ve taken several workshops including a workshop from Roland Lee concentrating on landscapes.  I am currently a member of the Southern Utah Art Guild, Virgin Valley Arts in Mesquite, Oil Painters of America and Fine Art America.  Past member of the Workshop committee for SUAG. 


      In 2015 I won the “People’s Choice” on my painting called, “Celebration” at the Red Cliffs Gallery, where I often show my work.  I am inspired by the beauty of Southern Utah and Zion National Park, which takes me to a peaceful place in my soul.  This quote, by an unknown author brings my imagination to life, “You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus”. 

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